THE PROBLEM: When parked inside a fire station, receivers for location-based services can’t receive a GPS signal due to the blocking effect of the building structure

THE SOLUTION: Turnkey Satellite GPS Repeater System

A GPS Repeater System from Multicom Installed in a Fire Station Ensures:

  • All rescue vehicles receive a “live” GPS satellite signal, whether inside the fire station or en-route
  • Satellite navigation equipment in all rescue vehicles are “locked on” to the GPS satellites at all times when indoors
  • When GPS equipped vehicles leave the station they already have GPS lock and will transmit accurate location data to the fire station
  • There is zero satellite-acquisition delay when exiting the fire station
  • No need to reboot the on-board system while en-route to an incident
  • Used in fire stations throughout the United States

HOW IT WORKS: Repeat GPS Signals from Outdoor to Indoor

From satellite to GPS receiver on the rescue vehicle: Zero delay


GPS Repeaters are devices that are used to transmit signals to places where they cannot reach.

Repeaters operate by receiving satellite signals with an antenna located outside of a building, and re-transmitting the signals to the indoor area or covered space, resulting in consistent and uninterrupted access to signals in signal-blocked areas.



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