Digital Headend Products

It’s the heart and soul of your operation. Day in, day out delivering quality video, voice and data to your customers. There’s no bigger investment in your system than your headend electronics.



Think about what goes into a great headend: High-quality electronic equipment with state of the art design and engineering, equipment that you’re proud to see on the headend rack:

  • Sleek and stylish on the outside
  • Powerful and reliable on the inside
  • Versatile and practical all around
  • Agile to meet your changing needs and able to reach your bandwidth requirements with capacity to grow

Multicom’s Selection of Digital Headend Products Including a Wide Range of Clear QAM Products from the World’s Most Renowned Manufacturers is Unsurpassed

Blonder Tongue Digital Headend Products

btThe Blonder Tongue Digital Collection offers a comprehensive series of products designed to multiplex, modulate, demodulate, process, and transcode signals in ASI, QAM, 8VSB, QPSK, and 8PSK formats.

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Pico Digital Digital Headend Products


Pico Digital is a worldwide leader in engineering, developing and manufacturing an extensive line of broadband network solutions, including headend electronics, systems equipment and installation components for the franchised cable, private cable and satellite television industries.

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Drake Digital Headend Products

drakeInnovative Electronic Communications Solutions – R.L. Drake delivers innovative electronic communications solutions for cable television systems, digital television reception, video signal distribution, and ADA assistive listening services.

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ZeeVee Digital Headend Products

zvZeeVee utilizes broadcast technologies which support data transmitting over coaxial cables. ZeeVee’s products perform HD encoding and RF modulation for the different markets – from residential in home use to digital signage and cable operator companies. Now it is possible to use your existing cable network for sharing HD sources at any number of video displays or TVs.

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Televes Digital Headend Products

televesTeleves is a leading global company focused in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for distributing telecommunication services throughout the infrastructures of buildings and homes.

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