FOXCOM – AL5T-11-1310-1 – CATV/SMATV Transmitters Series

  • Operating frequency range, 200-2500 MHz.
  • AL5T DBS/DTH L-Band transmitters cost effectively deliver multiple polarity DBS services.
  • An AL5T DBS/DTH L-Band transmitter module occupies one slot on the AL-900-08 19 inch 3U active shelf.
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AverLuxPlus AL5T CATV/SMATV transmitters process AM/VSB, 8VSB, QAM or terrestrial signals inputs from multiple current or planned sources. Signal integrity is preserved guaranteeing excellent video quality required for High Definition reception. The AL5T2 Series serves a full range of high performance CATV/SMATV applications cost effectively. A variety of lasers, output powers, wavelengths and options are available to maximum flexibility and scalability.

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