Adtran – ALM- Fiber Monitoring Solution, Series

  • Improved service quality Real-time information on fiber integrity for fast failure detection and short repair cycles
  • Non-intrusive monitoring Inherent compatibility of demarcation reflectors with any user data protocol as well as multi-wavelength transmission systems
  • Streamlined operations In-service fiber monitoring for immediate separation between failures of active devices and problems with the fiber plan
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ALM Series – Improve network availability and reduce opex costs with 24×7 proactive fiber monitoring

In recent decades, optical fiber has become the predominant choice for operators to run their services across. However with the rapid expansion of fiber networks, many have found that ensuring fast and accurate fiber fault location is now a major challenge. Our ALM addresses these requirements by providing fiber health information in a matter of seconds.

In the digital age, when people expect to be able to work efficiently from anywhere in the world, fiber operators are under constant pressure to deliver more bandwidth with better service level agreements (SLAs). Trends such as fiber deep make it possible to transform our homes into home offices, creating value for both employees and enterprises. In this complex environment, any disruption to the fiber quality poses a serious inconvenience. Our ALM is an in-service fiber monitoring solution that allows operators to get real-time insight into the quality of their fiber infrastructure. In the event of abnormal attenuation, fiber break, or a tapping attempt, the user is immediately notified about the issue with the exact geographic location of the event via the Adtran Ensemble Fiber Director, embedded GUI interface, or third-party GIS. What’s more, with a very small footprint, power consumption, and self-calibration capabilities, our ALM doesn’t require any regular maintenance.

Additional Benefits:

  • Universal solution Monitoring of point-to-point and point-tomultipoint  (PON) networks for active and dark fiber applications
  • PON network monitoring Detailed access network fiber information from the OLT, to the splitter, and individual ONTs supporting all PON generations (GPON, XG-PON)
  • High port density monitoring For highly dense installations; up to 800 ports can be monitored in a single location
  • Intuitive management interface Integrated with market-leading geographic information systems (GIS) to quickly and easily localize fiber issues

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