AFL – FM000XXX – LightLink Poli-MOD Pigtailed Optical LightLink Interconnect Module

  • Up to 18-port con gurations
  • Single-slot and double-slot
  • LGX 118 compatible
  • Available in SC and LC (additional con gurations available upon request)
  • Compatible with all LanSystem Patch Panels
  • Includes module, cover, adapters, pigtails, splice sleeves, and all required hardware for installation
  • Available in white or black, and single-mode or multimode
  • Organized ber routing
  • Fixed solution, no moving parts
  • Ease of splice identi cation
  • Front and rear access


The LightLink Poli-MOD is an innovative Patch and Splice Module, which allows for increased patch and splice densities in an incremental growth platform. Based on the LGX – 118 foot print, this product is capable of supporting up to 144 patch and splices in a standard 4U panel, resulting in 1296 patch and splices within a seven foot rack (38RU). Other features include front and rear accessibility, secured environment for the spliced ber and easy ber identi cation. Available in single-slot (up to 12-Fiber Patch and Splice) and double slot (up to 18-Fiber Patch & Splice) confgurations, the Poli-MOD system allows for ease in incremental expansion without concerns of damaging or disturbing existing

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