AFL – IBX – Inter-Bay Cross-Connect Panel

  • Low-cost/time saving installation
  • Provision network elements in 6, 12 and 24-fiber increments
  • Scalable modular footprint
  • Reduce cable congestion up to 80 percent
  • Available pre-terminated with cable stub
  • Compatible with Xpress Test/Access (TAM) and Cross-connect (CCM) modules
  • Overcome existing and projected space constraints
  • Terminate from 72 to 144 fibers between frames (IBX x 2 = 144/288)
  • Add additional passive couplers/WDMs in space constrained rack environments
  • Compatible with all standard equipment frames


The patent pending IBX is the first Fiber Distribution Panel (FDP) designed for use “between” frames. The IBX will fit within the 5 to 10-inch spacing that is common between most standard equipment racks. Two IBX panels can be installed vertically on each side of a standard 7-foot frame. IBX accessories include an optional Inter-bay Storage Panel Kit and Blank Panel Kits to complete vertical applications and installation.

Open Spec Sheet