Applied Instruments – SAT 9520 – Satellite Signal Level Meter

  • Durably constructed and field portable
  • Identifes most satellites
  • Powers single- and multi-LNB dishes
  • Controls most multi-switches
  • Tunable to individual transponder frequencies for standard (950-1450 MHz) and stacked (950-2050 MHz) systems
  • Strong, fast-charge internal battery
  • Audible tone for aligning dish
  • Interfaces to computer for future software upgrades


The SAT 9520 satellite signal level meter measures the strength and quality of satellite signals. It is durably constructed and field-portable. The SAT 9520 is tunable to individual transponder frequencies. Its strong battery is able to power single and multiple LNBs and control multi-switches. The SAT 9520 identifies many of the DBS, Ku, and C-Band satellites. This simplifies the receive portion of two-way broadband and VSAT installations. The SAT 9520 is an excellent alternative to a laptop computer or a spectrum analyzer for locating the correct satellite, especially when used outside in the elements or on a rooftop. The SAT 9520 simultaneously displays signal strength, the familiar IRD signal quality value, bargraphs for signal peaking, carrier-to-noise for optimizing cross-polarization, and bit-error-rate for obtaining maximum rain-fade margin. The SAT 9520 is ideal for satellite installations and troubleshooting L-Band networks.

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