Applied Instruments – VSAT 7850 – DVB-S2 Satellite Identification Signal Level Meter

  • Satellite ID by align-to-lock or automatic scan ID multi-lock algorithm eliminates false positives
  • Powers LNBs and multi-switches
  • Can use for L, C, X, Ku, or Ka band applications
  • High sensitivity assures alignment optimization
  • Field replaceable type F barrel connectors
  • Durable aluminum case with rubber shock guards
  • Geo-sensitive Field Guide software stores all compatible satellites and transponders per global region
  • Controls multi-LNBFs/switches with 22kHz / DiSEqC tone
  • Manual tune to custom transponders using front panel keypad
  • Program and store up to 256 custom transponders
  • Audible tone for signal lock and peak
  • Quick charge battery with universal AC or vehicle 12 VDC
  • Store measurements for Proof-of-Performance reporting
  • Limit Scan Pass/Fail for key transponders
  • Back-lit graphic LCD screen
  • Numeric keypad with arrow key controls
  • Rechargeable / Replaceable Li-Ion battery
  • USB computer interface for firmware updates


“Reliability through Simplicity”

The VSAT 7850’s extreme ruggedness, husky battery, ease of use, and versatility make this the ideal meter for professional VSAT satellite technicians.

A “must have” for those who value time-saving tools and demand quality, the VSAT 7850 is packed with features and capabilities. From satellite identification to recording proof of performance tests, you can align dish antennas, install, and troubleshoot the most challenging systems quickly and with confidence.

The VSAT 7850 is well suited for VSAT / Mobile Satcom, Military / Defense, Broadcasters, CATV Headend Satellite Antenna Farms, Teleports, and non-North American DBS / DTH (single and multidwelling) applications.

For more than 20 years installers have counted on Applied Instruments’ popular meters: MDU, SAT 9520, Sat Buddy, Super Buddy, and AI Turbo S2. The legacy continues as the new VSAT 7850 meter raises the bar even higher.

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