Starburst – AQP-2230 – 8VBS to QAM Off Air HD Processor System

Starburst MPEG2 QAM Modulators and Processors encode any video/audio source into a broadcast quality (HD or DIGITAL SD) signal that can now be sent to an unlimited amount of MPEG2 or MPEG4 TVs.

Prime markets for the Starburst head end line include Lodging, Institutions, Bars, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Sports Venues, College Campus, Security Cameras, Digital Signage and Multi Dwelling facilities. Starburst is available with built in PRO IDIOM and/or in CLEAR QAM.

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  • Input channel
    • Combinations: 2×ATSC / 2×QAM / 1×ATSC + 1×QAM
  • Input 8VSB
    • Tuning range: UHF: 14-69, VHF: 2-13
    • Frequency range: 54-806MHz
    • Data rate: 19.392Mbps
  • Input QAM
    • Channel range: 2-134
    • Frequency range: 54-860MHz
    • QAM mode: 64QAM / 256QAM
    • Data rate: 26.9Mbps (64QAM), 38.8Mbps
  • Stream
    • PSIP: MGT/CVCT/STT regenerator
  • RF output
    • RF carriers: 2
    • Channel range: 2-134
    • Frequency range: 64QAM / 256QAM
    • Data rate: 26.9Mbps (64QAM), 38.8Mbps
  • Control
    • Local operation: Figure 8 number LED, Buttons
    • Remote operation: Web browser
  • General
    • Dimensions: 68×50×250 mm
    • Weight 0.8 kg
    • Power source: DC 12V/ DC 5V
    • PWR. consumption: 12W
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