Blonder Tongue – AM-60-550 – Agile audio/video modulator, +60 dBmV, 54-550 MHz with EAS feature

  • AM-60-550 W/OPT 4 – Sub Channel capability for Remote Origination applications
    Suitable for School security camera applications
  • Supports All Broadcast and CATV Channels, Including All HRC and IRC Assignments
  • EAS/ALT IF Ready Via Manual or Automatic Mode
  • Superior Broadband Noise Performance (-76 dB)
  • Fully Compatible With BTSC Encoded Stereo Audio
  • Rack Mountable – 1 EIA (1.75″) Rack Space
  • UL Listed with Three Year Product Warranty


AM series is a family of frequency-agile analog audio/video modulators. AM-60-860, the flag-ship model, is available in NTSC channels 2-135 (54-860 MHz), and the PAL B, G, and I channels in the same frequency range. More economical models are available in NTSC for the frequency ranges 54-550 MHz, or 54-806 MHz. EAS (Emergency Alert System) is standard on all models. Stereo Audio, SAP (Secondary Audio Programming), and several other optional features are also available.

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