Blonder Tongue – AMCM-860 – Modular Agile Audio/Video Modulator(HE 12 Series) +45 dBmV, 54-860 MHz Agile

  • Meets FCC Docket 21006 Aeronautical Frequency O set Requirements
  • Fully Compatible With BTSC Encoded Stereo Audio
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Front Panel Accessible Level Controls for Easy Set-Up and Adjustments
  • Die-Cast Chassis O ers Superior Protection Against Ingress or Egress
  • Supports All Broadcast and CATV Channels, Including HRC and IRC Assignments from 54 to 860 MHz
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The AMCM-860 is a professional quality agile audio/video modulator with an output frequency range of 54-860 MHz. It joins Blonder Tongue’s family of modular headend components and works in conjunction with the MIRC-12V rack chassis and MIPS-12C powersupply. The unit provides a modulated aural and visual carrier on any channel in the 54 to 860 MHz range. Frequency plans including Standard CATV, IRC, HRC and Broadcast are accommodated via front panel selection. Channel tuning is easily accomplished with the use of front panel switches following the entry instructions. All channels with appropriate FCC o sets are pre-programmed and tuned electronically via microprocessor.
The unit accepts any standard audio/video source such as satellite receivers, television camera, video tape recorders or demodulators. The advanced design ensures access for all level and over-modulation controls via the front panel with LED indicators for each. Internal electable jumper settings allow for compatibility of features such as defeatable audio pre-emphasis for BTSC compatibility. Special features have been built into the unit firmware to ensure the best possible user experience. This includes the ability to alert an operator to any inadvertent or designed change to the unit switches by flashing a red error indicator. The indicator will continue to ash until the condition is corrected or the unit is reset.

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