Blonder Tongue – AP-40-550B – Agile Heterodyne Processor with EAS +40 dBmV, 54-88/108-806 MHz Input, 50-550 MHz Output

  • EAS/ALT IF Ready Via Manual or Automatic Mode
  • Superior Broadband Noise Performance (-76 dB)
  • C-UL Listed, Three Year Warranty
  • Front Panel Accessible Level Controls for Easy Set-Up and Adjustments
  • Rack Mountable – 1 EIA (1.75″) Rack Space


The AP Series are professional quality, agile heterodyne processors equipped with the Emergency Alert System (EAS) feature, which can also be used as an alternate IF input. These units convert any channel in the 50 to 806 MHz (7 to 43 MHz with Option 17) frequency range to any channel in the 50 to 550/750 MHz (7 to 550/750 MHz with Option 04) frequency range. The AP Series is ideal for moving an off-air channel (VHF or UHF) or any single channel source to any unused channel (broadcast or CATV, including HRC and IRC assignments) in the system. Agile channel selection permits on-the-fly channel changes and reduces the need for large inventories of channelized products. Channel selection is accomplished with the use of simple to use front panel accessible dip switches. These processors have wide range of standard and optional features that make them very suitable for advanced CATV systems. Four models are available with different output level and frequency ranges and a variety of options. All models feature rock solid, synthesized frequency control, with a tuning increment of 250 kHz. True vestigial sideband SAW filtering guarantees superior broadcast picture quality. Two SAW filters are used to ensure proper adjacent channel rejection. Delayed AGC circuitry automatically compensates for input signal variations. These processors have an external IF loop, which allows interfacing with video all-call and signal scrambling systems. The AP Series utilizes a standby carrier oscillator to provide a blank picture when the input level drops below usable level. This prevents a snowy picture from being delivered to the distribution network in the event of signal degradation or complete loss of picture. The EAS/ALT IF feature allows the customer to choose between manual and automatic selection of EAS/ALT IF input signal.
These processors provide extremely clean output signals with distortion products (-60 dB or better). An exceptionally low broadband noise floor (-76 dBc or better) makes the AP Series ideal for large, multiple channel headends without the need for additional filtering.

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