Blonder Tongue – BFLM-IF – Broadcast Frequency Locked Modulators – IF IF Unit Portion only

  • Front Panel Accessible Level Controls for Easy Set-Up and Adjustments
  • UL Listed with Three Year Product Warranty
  • Two Product System Designed to Lock to a Local Off-Air Source to a Satellite Delivered Local Broadcast to Cure Flutter and Moire Patterns
  • Consists of a BFLM-IF and a On Channel CAP with Option 21
  • Rack Mountable – 1 EIA (1.75″) Rack Space Each Unit – (2 Rack Spaces for System)


The BFLM-IF is a professional quality Broadcast Frequency Locked IF Modulator. A professional grade saw filter is employed to provide true vestigial side-band selectivity with built-in FCC group delay pre-distribution. The unit accepts standard polarity (sync negative) video in the range of 0.7 to 2.8 V p-p. An integrated BTSC stereo encoder module is standard. The unit accepts a SAP audio input from a SAP generator.

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