Blonder Tongue – BORT-S3S-424 – BOFN-S4S-870-50 Plug-In Return Transmitter 4.8 dBm DFB Laser, SC/APC Connector, 5-42 MHz

  • Exceptional Performance at Low Optical Input Levels
  • Four High Level RF Outputs
  • Flexible 45-90 VAC Powering Options
  • Two-way Operation with Optional Return Transmitter
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The BOFN-S4S-870-50 is a high performance, four output, two-way optical node capable of greater than +50dBmV output levels and performance to 870MHz. The BOFN-S4S-870-50 is configured in a finned weatherproof aluminum housing suitable for outdoor strand or pedestal installation. It is specifically designed to operate over wide temperature ranges, and operates from standard CATV 60 VAC power. Cable and fiber entry and exit ports accept standard 5/8-24 threaded CATV connectors. The optical receiver and optional BORT Series return laser transmitters have SC-APC optical connectors, FC/APC connectors are available on a special order basis. Internal RF connections are made with 75? mini-SMB connectors. RF test points are male Type “G” connectors and mate with standard adapters.
The BOFN-S4S-870-50 has four identical bi-directional coaxial ports. Each port has a forward (downstream) passband of 54-870MHz and a reverse (upstream) passband of 5-42MHz. All four bi-directional ports are capable of passing power into or out of the BOFN-S4S-870-50. A fifth port designated as a power port can be optionally configured to also serve as an RF port for return-band signals into or out of the housing. Jumper plugs controlling the power configuration for each of the ports can be replaced with automotive-type ATC fuses.

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