Blonder Tongue – CAMS-60S – Channelized Agile Integrated Stereo Audio/Video Modulator

  • EAS/ALT IF Ready Via Manual or Automatic Mode
  • Front Panel Accessible Level Controls for Easy Set-Up and Adjustments
  • Rack Mountable – 1 EIA (1.75″) Rack Space
  • Exceptional Broadband Noise Performance of -110 dBc
  • -60 dBc Spurious Response for the Entire Level Range
  • Works in Conjunction with High Performance Channelized Output Filter Modules (OFM)
  • available in +60 dBmV, 54-300 MHz, 300-756 MHz, 756-860 MHz, 7-49 MHz (SUB), 470-758 MHz (UHF), or 758-806 MHz (UHF) with Dual IF Loops


The CAM-60 Series are professional quality, channelized agile, heterodyne audio/video modulators. These units provide audio and video modulated RF carrier output on any SUB, VHF, UHF, or CATV channel (7 to 450 MHz and 50 to 860 MHz). Any standard audio/video source can be used, such as satellite receivers, television cameras, video tape recorders, or television demodulators. These modulators feature a frequency agile output converter and provide +60 dBmV output. A low cost, removable single channel output filter module is used to provide channelized configuration of the CAM-60 Series. Stocking distributors can maintain an inventory of mainframes and a mix of output filter modules. Customer requests for individual channels can be easily accomplished by combining the frequency agile mainframe with the desired removable output filter module.
Several models are available, including: CAMS-60, Single IF Modulator; CAMS-60-MF, Single IF Mainframe; CAMD-60, Dual IF Modulator; CAMD-60-MF, Dual IF Mainframe; and OFM-60-860, Output Filter Module. The CAMS-60 comprises one CAMS-60-MF Single IF Mainframe and one OFM-60-860 Output Filter Module for the desired VHF, CATV, or UHF channel. The CAMD-60 comprises one CAMD-60-MF Dual IF Mainframe and one OFM-60-860 Output Filter Module for the desired VHF, CATV, or UHF channel. The CAM-60 Series takes baseband audio and video and modulates these signals onto the desired output channel (each modulator has separate audio and video inputs). The heterodyne conversion process used in the CAM-60 Series employs a crystal referenced, PLL synthesized local oscillator, with a 12.5 kHz tuning increment. This guarantees rock solid, no-drift output for the life of the modulator. A custom SAW filter is employed to provide true vestigial sideband selectivity with built-in FCC group delay pre-distortion. The CAMD-60 models provides separate external visual and aural IF loops. An external IF loop is provided, which allows interfacing with video all-call and signal scrambling systems while CAMD-60 models have dual IF loops. The CAM-60 Series meets FCC Docket 21006 aeronautical frequency offset requirements (+/-5 kHz video carrier accuracy) and accepts standard polarity (sync negative) video in the range of 0.7 to 2.8 V p-p. A4.5 MHz audio input is provided, which preserves the stereo audio available from most satellite receivers and demodulators. A rear panel switch allows selection of either baseband audio or 4.5 MHz audio. An optional integrated BTSC encoder module is also available.

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