Blonder Tongue – CAP-40-SV – Channelized Agile Output Heterodyne Processor +40 dBmV, 5-37 MHz (SUB IN), 54-300 MHz (VHF OUT)

  • Fully Compatible With BTSC Encoded Stereo Audio
  • C-UL Listed, Three Year Warranty
  • Front Panel Accessible Level Controls for Easy Set-Up and Adjustments
  • Rack Mountable – 1 EIA (1.75″) Rack Space
  • Dual SAW Filtering for Adjacent Channel Systems
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The CAP Series are professional quality, channelized heterodyne processors. These units convert any single SUB, VHF, or UHF channel to any single channel in the 5 to 890 MHz frequency range. The unit is ideally suited to convert any off-air channel (VHF or UHF) to any unused channel in the system. The CAP-ON is ideal for on channel operation (I.E. CH2 IN, CH2 OUT). The CAP Series takes a single channel in the 5 to 36 MHz (SUB), 54 to 552 MHz (VHF/CATV), or 470 to 890 MHz (UHF) frequency range and converts it to a channel in the 5 to 860 MHz frequency range. All models feature phase locked loop synthesized frequency control with accurate, no-drift output as well as high adjacent channel rejection (60 dB) and a very low noise figure and distortion output. A dual-detection IF with a true peak response AGC circuit that is delayed at the input stage automatically compensates for input signal variations and maintains a low noise figure even under weak signal conditions. These processors have an external IF loop, which allows interfacing with video all-call or signal scrambling systems. For low input level conditions, the CAP Series features an optional alternate IF switch (Option 21) with an internal standby carrier. The optional alternate IF switch feature permits the substitution of a different IF program during low signal level conditions. This allows the operator to select between standby carrier or alternate IF program mode using a rear panel switch. An aural trap depth control permits adjustment of the aural/visual carrier ratio.

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