Blonder Tongue – DAP-PLUS – Digital-to-Analog Processor with AFD

  • Agile Broadcast (UHF,VHF) and CATV (Standard, HRC, and IRC) channel assignments in the 54-864 MHz range
  • Supports EAS (Emergency Alert System) input which can also be used as an IF (Intermediate Frequency) input
  • Automated scanning caputers all available off-air or cable programs present on the input signal
  • Supports both the Primary and the SAP (Secondary Audio Program) audio programs
  • Output power level range of +50 to +62 dBmV adjustable in 0.2 dB increments
  • Supports Closed Captioning (EIA-608)
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The Blonder Tongue DAP (Digital-to-Analog Processor) accepts one input in 8VSB or QAM format and delivers one NTSC modulated analog channel. Additionally, the Blonder Tongue DAP-PLUS can be equipped with an optional ASI output module that converts the digital 8VSB/QAM inputs into 2 identical streams in ASI format to allow seamless migration to an all-digital solution if you so choose.

Both DAP and DAP-PLUS can be equipped with an optional RNC module (Remote Network Card) that allows remote monitoring and configuration of the unit.

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