Blonder Tongue – FODA-860 – Outdoor Fiber Optic RX and Distribution Amplifier

  • Exceptional CNR performance
  • Optical input test jack – scaled DC output (1V/mW)
  • 860MHz forward bandwidth
  • 2-way models available with 36/49 or 42/54MHz splits
  • Numerous return laser options (FP, DFB, 1310nm, 1550nm)
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The FODA Series are outdoor optical nodes designed for HFC applications. They consist of a high quality optical receiver module combined with a power doubling hybrid amplifier stage resulting in excellent CNR and CTB performance over a wide optical input range.

Designed with cast-aluminum housings, the FODA is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor back board installations. The FODA Series is available in one-way (only), two-way (capable) and fully two-way equipped models. Numerous optical return transmitter options are available for different wavelengths and output powers to satisfy a variety of installation requirements. The FODA housing utilizes a carbonized rubber and wire mesh gasket to provide excellent protection against RFI and moisture ingress. 5/8″ entry fittings in the housing allow hard line cable to connect directly to the amplifier. For RG-11 or RG-6 cabling applications, a KS-F adapter is included to provide an output “F” connection.

The FODA has flexible powering features. For indoor use the supplied external 60 VAC power supply (not applicable to FODA stock number 7586) is connected to the auxiliary power “F” connector using flexible coax. This permits remote powering, so the unit can be installed without the need for nearby electrical outlet. Powering can also be accomplished using 60/90 VAC CATV network powering (not applicable to stock number 7586) via the output 5/8″ entry. The FODA stock number 7586 has an FC/APC optical input connector mounted on the housing and is therefore not intended to be mounted directly outdoors. Here’s the exciting part: 60/90 VAC powering is accomplished through a dedicated 5/8″ housing port. A 60/90 VAC power supply is not provided. FODA stock numbers 7578 and 7588 have their optical connector(s) mounted within their housings and are suitable for mounting directly outdoors. These models are shipped with an indoor 60 VAC power supply and can be powered via the dedicated power input “F” connector or network powered from the RF output connector.

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