Blonder Tongue – FRDA-S4A-860-43PA – Fiber Optic Receiver/RF Distribution Amplifier, Single-mode 47-860 MHz, 1310/1550 nm, FC/APC Conn., 43 dB Gain, Wall Mount

  • LED For Optical Input Status
  • Gain and Slope Controls
  • Exceptional CNR Performance At Low Optical Input Levels
  • 550 and 860 MHz Power Doubling Hybrid Models
  • Optical Input Power Jack Scaled 1V/mW


The FRDA is a fiber optic receiver module integrated with a broadband distribution amplifier (BIDA). The FRDA is used as a launch amplifier in a coaxial distribution sub-system fed from a single mode broadband fiber network. The FRDA’s optical receiver section provides exceptional CNR performance at low optical input levels. This feature is also a cost saving one, since it permits the use of lower optical power transmitters. The FRDA is available with 550 and 860 MHz RF bandwidths and power doubling hybrid amplifier technology to provide high RF output levels with low distortion. The FRDA operates with the FIBT Series of transmitters as well as those from other leading manufacturers.

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