Blonder Tongue – HDE-2H-QAM – HD Encoder – 2xHDMI/YPbPr – QAM, +60 dBmV, 5.75-864 MHz

  • Digitizes, encodes, and multiplexes up to two (2) HDMI and/or YPbPr inputs into one digital QAM output
  • Provides sub-band QAM output channels T7-T14 (suitable for digital return-path applications)
  • Compatible with NTSC analog format, and ITU Annex A and B digital QAM formats
  • Comprehensive GUI-based monitoring and control menu via Web browser
  • Real-time Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio encoding
  • Provides a front-panel ancillary ASI output
  • Supports EIA-608 Closed Captioning
  • Supports QAM 1024 Modulation
  • Supports PSIP configuration
  • Equipped with EAS interface


HDE-2H-QAM (HD Encoder – 2xHDMI/YPbPr – QAM) accepts and auto-detects up to two (2) input streams in unencrypted HDMI and YPbPr (Component) formats. The encoder, when applicable, digitizes and MPEG-2 encodes each input into a high-definition stream (HD-1080i/720p), and then multiplexes the resulting two (2) streams into one (1) output in QAM format in the 5.75-864 MHz range (CATV channels T7-T14 and 2-135). Any combination of input multiplexing is allowed, for example, 2x HDMI, or (1xHDMI)+(1xYPbPr).
The encoder supports Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding and Closed Captioning, and is equipped with an EAS (Emergency Alert System) interface and an ancillary ASI output port. A front-panel RF test point allows for monitoring/testing of the QAM output without service interruption. Comprehensive remote monitoring and control is accomplished using any standard Web browser via a front-panel 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection.

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