Blonder Tongue – HDE-QAM – HDMI-to-Qam Encoder

  • Utilizes advanced motion estimation search to reduce “pixel trailing” on fast-moving videos (i.e. sporting events)
  • Output bandwidth of 38.8 Mbps at QAM 256 and capable of larger bandwidth with higher QAM modes
  • Compatible with a large selection of HDMI devices; ten HDMI input parameters are user-selectable
  • Compatible with a large selection of QAM tuners; ten QAM output parameters are user-selectable
  • HD MPEG-2 encoder chip-set encodes single channel video in 480i/480p/720p/1080i formats
  • Accepts compressed AC-3 audio and re-inserts into transport stream
  • Supports sub-band QAM output of T7-T14 (5.75-53.75 MHz)
  • Local and remote monitoring and control capabilities
  • Front-panel RF test point (at 20 dB below output level)


HDE-QAM (HD Encoder QAM) accepts one input in HDMI format, and delivers one HD MPEG-2 encoded output QAM format in the 5.75-864 MHz range.

Open Spec Sheet