Blonder Tongue – LPA-860IEQ-XX – Plug-in Inverse Fixed Equalizer Values 3-15 dB (in 3 dB Steps)

  • 860 MHz Forward Bandwidth, 5-42 MHz Active Reverse Path
  • GaAs Hybrid Modules Provide High Output Levels with Low Distortion
  • Forward Pad and Equalizer Sockets at Input and Mid Stage
  • Sockets for Reverse In/Out Padding and Output Equalization
  • Surge Protection
  • External Accessible -20 dB Test Points
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The LPA-860-36G is a two-way CATV line extender amplifier designed for outdoor applications. The amplifier has a forward bandwidth of 53-860 MHz and a reverse bandwidth of 5-42 MHz. The LPA-860-36G contains GaAs hybrid modules ensuring high forward output levels with very low distortion. The LPA-860-36G’s rugged aluminum housing is heavily ribbed for heat dissipation. -20 dB RF test points at input and output for both the forward and reverse paths employ directional coupler circuitry for accuracy. The amplifier is equipped with an auto-ranging 35-90 VAC power supply, surge protection and has 15 amp power passing capacity.

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