Blonder Tongue – MIPS-12C – HE-12 Series Power Supply 5.5 A on 5 VDC line, 4 A on 12 VDC line

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  • Modular Headend System Chassis
  • 12 Slot Vertical and 4 Slot Horizontal or Vertical Versions Available
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The HE-12 and HE-4 are professional quality, modular headend systems, designed to maximize rack space. Each system begins with a rack chassis, either a horizontal 4 slot or a vertical 12 slot. The available slots can then be populated with a variety of modular components, including single width channelized audio/video modulators, single width agile demodulators, single width agile micro modulators and a single width micro stereo encoder. (Note the demodulator can only be used in the vertical 12 slot chassis.) These modules are designed to work together to provide audio/video modulation and channel processing (modulator/demodulator). Two sizes of chassis are provided for optimum rack utilization.
The MIRC-4 chassis is an open frame rack with built in power supply for up to 4 MICM units. The new MIRC-4C can support any combination of up to 4 MICM or AMCM modulators. This updated chassis features rails to allow easy slide-in, slide-out installation. A special horizontal AMCM version is required (AMCM-860H, Stock No. 7766HA) while standard MICM modulators are used. Replacement MIPS-4 power supply modules are also available. The MIRC-12 chassis requires one MIPS-12 power supply for operation of up to 12 modules.

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