Blonder Tongue – MISE – HE-12 and HE-4 Series Micro Stereo Encoder

  • Modular Design Minimizes Rack Space
  • 24 dB Stereo Separation with low Distortion
  • Build-in Test Tone for Audio Level Calibration with Modulator
  • Pilot Lock and Power LED Indicator
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The Blonder Tongue MISE Stereo Encoder provides an economical solution for service providers wanting to deliver programs in stereo. The MISE is intended for use with Blonder Tongue’s MIRC-12 rack chassis’ with it’s associated power supply. The modular design provides an efficient compact means to accommodate 6 encoders coupled with 6 modulators or 12 encoders in 2RU’s of precious rack space. The MISE accepts baseband left and right audio inputs from sources such as a satellite receiver, demodulator, VCR or DVD and generates a composite BTSC stereo signal. The composite signal in turn is applied to a compatible modular audio/visual modulator such as a MICM-45B or AMCM-
806. It is also compatible with any modulator that has a pre-emphasis defeat feature. The MISE features 24 dB stereo separation, a pilot lock indicator and a test tone generator to meet any demanding stereo insertion need.

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