Blonder Tongue – MPG-1100 – MegaPort Gateway 1100 Ethernet Bridge/Router for High Speed Internet Access

  • Utilizes Existing Coaxial Infrastructure to Distribute Data Services
  • Transparent to DOCSIS, CATV and DBS services
  • Supports 64 Users per MegaPort Gateway
  • Configurable for Bridge or Router Functions and Fully Remote Manageable


The MegaPort Gateway is a broadband Ethernet Bridge/Router that establishes a network within a building or community. A single MPG allows service providers to easily offer broadband Internet access to up 64 active MegaPort Outlets or users. By connecting several MPG units, the number of outlets can be increased easily. This is performed by utilizing existing coaxial cable infrastructure, while interfacing and co-existing with CATV or DBS video and DOCSIS data services. This makes the MPG the only outside installation device required with a MegaPort deployment. Accompanying MegaPort Manager software, with built-in SNMP capability, allows remote management and control for system configuration and monitoring.

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