Blonder Tongue – MUVB-35 – Broadband VHF/FM/UHF Amplifier 36 dB, 54-88/88-108/174-216/470-806 MHz – Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Please refer to this BIDA 750-30

  • VHF and UHF/VHF Models
  • High Output Capability
  • Models with Switchable FM Traps for Strong Local FM Signals
  • AC Convenience Outlet Provided on Most Models
  • Lightning and Surge Protected
  • UL and CSA Listed

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The Masterline Series of distribution amplifiers are designed for MATV off-air applications. These amplifiers are used for off-air VHF, FM and UHF applications, providing high output and low noise amplification. The Masterline Series products are available with a choice of gain levels, bandwidths, and features to fit almost any system, i.e. number of outlets serviced by the system, the array of off-air channels present, and the signal strength of those signals. These amplifiers are available with a variety of features on selected models, including automatic level control, separate antenna inputs for specific TV bands and FM traps (stop filters). The Masterline Series uses split band amplification, combined with low noise input circuitry, to provide a wide dynamic range and exceptional output capability. All of the Masterline Series products are UL and CSA listed and have power supply, lightning and surge protection, thereby providing years of trouble-free service.

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