Blonder Tongue – QTM-HD PLUS – QAM Transcoder Module QPSK/8PSK input, QAM 512/1024 output

  • Supports the 8pSK modulation typically used for High-Definition TV programming
  • Supports ITU-T J.83 Annex A and Annex B standards
  • Compact design allows for deployment of 8 transcoders, and powewr and control module, in 3 RU rack space
  • Optional Headend Web Server allows for remote monitoring and control of each transcoder
  • Optional Standby Power Supply allows for uninterupted service in the unlikely event of a primary power supply failure


QTM-HD PLUS is the same as QTM-HD, but capable of QAM 512/1024 modes.

Open Spec Sheet