Blonder Tongue – RPR-M-15 – Remote Power Reset-Modem Access 117 VAC, 15A

  • Turn On/Off or Reset Power to Any AC Powered Device
  • 2 Individually Controlled AC Outlets
  • 117 VAC, 15 Amp Capable
  • PC Software to Access Powering – Easy to Use Menu and Commands
  • Remotely accessible via the Internet using a RJ45 Ethernet Interface or External RS-232 Dial-Up Modem


Blonder Tongue’s Remote Power Reset (RPR) Series gives the cable operator the means to remotely power-cycle or shutdown equipment in the event of malfunction that may require a “cold boot.” Equipment locks up. It’s not as much of an issue if you’re sitting at your desk and its your computer, but what if it’s a satellite receiver in a headend miles away and now hundreds, if not thousands, of customers are affected? That’s where the Remote Power Reset becomes critical. Without a service call, truck roll or any significant time lost, the power may be cycled at the remote location via a modem or Ethernet connection.

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