Blonder Tongue – SMR 1600 – Multiswitch, Rack Mounted, 2 In-16 Out 950-2150 MHz, 4dB Tap Loss

  • Full Frequency Range to 2150 MHz
  • Professional Grade
  • Cascading Styles with Snap Connector Blocks
  • 3 Inputs (V/H/Terrestrial)/ 4 and 8 Outputs for DBS Distribution in MDU's
  • 2 Input / 16 Output Rack Mount Multiswitch for Digital Headend Applications
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The Blonder Tongue multiswitch line includes cascading (SMK Series), self-terminating (SMS Series) and rack mount (SMR 1600) models. All models have a bandwidth of 950-2150 MHz. The SMS 3400 and SMR 1600 are powered from the satellite receivers connected to them. The SMK 3340 and SMS 3810 require an external 18 VDC supply (LPI 188PS). Companion to the cascading multiswitches are the LA 3310 dual in line amplifier and LPI 3300 dual power inserter. Convenient snap-on connector blocks are provided with these 3 models, that eliminates the need for coax jumper cables when units are mounted together.

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