Blonder Tongue – TVCB-104 – TV Channel Blocker, 8 Oscillators 54-860 MHz Forward,5-40 MHz Return, 104.75 MHz Data Carrier

  • Optimum Solution for Blocking Unwanted Channels in Households without Set-Top Boxes
  • Controlled by the iCentral Management System- Channel Map Changes are a Snap
  • Addressable Control of On/Off and up to 80 Individually Blocked Channels
  • Unlike Traps, Provides Individual Channel Control without Adjacent Channel Degradation
  • May be used in a Interdiction Application
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The TV Channel Blocker (TVCB) unit can be mounted at the tap output or at the consumer’s residence. The unit is fully addressable, therefore service changes and/or disconnects are performed remotely from the billing system and control computer. The hardware cost is approximately the cost of one truck roll. Unlike traps, the TVCB provides individual channel control without adjacent channel degradation.
For a single family home, the TVCB has all that is needed to block up to 80 channels simultaneously in bandwidths within 54 to 600 MHz. It may be house or network powered and individually controls the forward and return paths at the tap. The TVCB has a forward path bandwidth of 54-860 MHZ and 5-40 MHZ return path. It has four signal conditioning accessories that may plug into the unit: Equalizer (VMI-CEQxV), Forward and Return Path Attenuators (VMI-AT), and Forward Path Trim Networks (VMI-TN). The TVCB may also be used in an Interdiction application similar to VMI and SMI, or in a rural environment.

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