Blonder Tongue – WL21-1.2 – Non-Penetrating Roof Mount 0.9-1.2m Antenna

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The Blonder Tongue 0.90 m offset antenna is stamped from dual-sided galvannealed steel. It features a pole mount with a 0 degree to 90 degree elevation adjustment and fits a 2″ to 2.5″ O.D. pole supplied by the operator. Additional accessories are available for mounting the antenna to a side wall or pitched roof (6453-1), or flat roof (6457-1). The foot print of the flat roof mount is approximately 36″ x 35″. The feed support accommodates the 6455-R dual LNBF which has a rectangular channel shape. The 0.9 m dish is ideal for MDU applications where additional signal strength is needed that cannot be provided by smaller residential DBS antennas. The antennas and their accessories are all UPS shippable.

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