Blonder Tongue – ZHC-12 – Passive Combiner 50-450 MHz, 12 Ports – Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Please refer to this Passive Combiner.

  • C-UL Listed
  • Rack Mountable – 1 EIA (1.75″) Rack Space
  • High Isolation
  • -20 dB Test Port
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The ZHC Series are professional quality, passive and active output combiners. These units are designed for use in headends to combine the outputs of multiple modulators and processors. The ZHC-12 has twelve (12) broadband input ports and one combined output port, while the ZHCA-16 and ZHCA-16c have sixteen (16) input ports and one combined amplified output port and are intended to be “zero loss” combiners. These combiners feature high isolation between ports due to an integrated directional coupler design. The input ports of the ZHC-12 and ZHCA-16 are broadband, accepting signals in the 54 to 450 MHz frequency range. The ZHCA-16c accepts signals in the 54-750 frequency
range. The ZHCA-16 and ZHCA-16c employ a single push-pull CATV style hybrid module. The overall gain of the ZHCA-16 and ZHCA-16c is variable using a built-in manual gain control, accessible via a front panel control.

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