Chemtronics – CCT – FOCCUS Clear Connection Fiber Optic Tool

  • Cleans connections on backplanes and jumpers
  • Uses Combination Cleaning™ process (CCp™) for first-time cleaning, every time
  • Effective for the widest range of contaminants
  • Easy to use for quick and reliable cleaning
  • Rugged and durable, great for all work sites
  • Up to 800 cleanings per kit – 33% more than other tools!


CCT™ Clear Connection Tool used with the FOCCUS™ MX Precision Cleaning Pen provides a fast, simple method of fiber optic cleaning. End faces in bulkheads or on cable assembles are both effortlessly cleaned the first time . . . every time.   CCT has an easy to use mechanism that advances fabric over a cleaning tip with just a short push and click of the tool. Using the CCT with the FOCCUS MX Precision Cleaning Pen provides for fast, easy and repeatable Combination Cleaning™.

CCT Cleaning Kits come with an MX Precision Cleaning Pen. Wet the CCT fabric tip with the MX pen, insert the CCT tip into the connector, and push in the tool 1 click to advance the fabric from wet-to-dry, perfectly cleaning the end-face. Combination Cleaning™eliminates all debris and contamination the first time, avoiding expensive rework and truck-rolls from bad connections. Combination Cleaning™ is industry proven, exceeding IEC 61300-3-35, IEC TR62627-01, and meeting Telcordia GR-2923-CORE and SAE Aerospace AIR6031.


  • End-face connector cleaning
  • Cleans SC, LC or MPO connectors
  • Cleans UPC and APC connectors
  • Cleans jumper connectors or backplanes

CCT Varieties:

  • CCT-250 – Cleaning tool for 2.5mm FC, SC and ST connectors
  • CCT-250KIT – Cleaning kit for 2.5mm FC, SC and ST connectors
  • CCT-MPO – Cleaning tool for MPO connector
  • CCT-MPOKIT – Cleaning kit for MPO connectors
  • CCT-125 – Cleaning tool for 1.25mm MU and LC connectors
  • CCT-125KIT – Cleaning kit for 1.25mm MU and LC connectors
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