Cisco – DPC3825 – Refurbished Cable Modem, DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Residential Gateway

The Cisco® Model DPC3825 DOCSIS® 3.0 Wireless Residential Gateway is a cable modem that meets industry standards for high-speed data connectivity. The DPC3825 residential gateway delivers data and wired (Ethernet) or wireless gateway capabilities to connect a variety of devices in the home or small office and support high-speed data access, all in one device. With a DPC3825 residential gateway, your Internet enjoyment, home and business communications, and personal productivity will surely soar.


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Cisco DPC3825

  • Compliant with DOCSIS 3.0, 2.0, and 1.x standards along with PacketCable™ and EuroPacketCable™ specifications to deliver high-end performance and reliability
  • High performance broadband Internet connectivity to energize your online experience
  • Four 1000/100/10BASE-T Ethernet ports to provide wired connectivity
  • 802.11n Wireless Access Point
  • Wireless Protected Setup (WPS), including a push button switch to activate WPS for simplified and secure wireless setup
  • User configurable Parental Control blocks access to undesirable Internet sites
  • Advanced firewall technology deters hackers and protects the home network from unauthorized access
  • Attractive compact design that allows for vertical, horizontal, or wall-mounted operation
  • Color-coded interface ports and corresponding cables simplify installation and setup
  • DOCSIS-5 compliant LED labeling and behavior provides a user and technician friendly method to check operational status and act as a troubleshooting tool
  • Allows automatic software upgrades by your service provider
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