Cisco – uBR-MC16U-R – Refurbished Cisco uBR-MC16U card

The Cisco uBR7200 Series MC28U, MC28X, MC16U, and MC16X BPEs deliver advanced CMTS functions, such as:
· PHY RF interface (upstream burst demodulation, downstream modulation, RF allocation)
· MAC processing (modem registration, transmission opportunity scheduling, and hardware-accelerated Layer 2 QoS)
· On-board packet processing
Featuring a highly integrated and robust RF front end and superior processing engine for DOCSIS- or Euro-DOCSIS-based networks, the
Cisco uBR7200 Series MC28U, MC28X, MC16U, and MC16X BPEs enable high-performance, reliable, and secure bidirectional
transmission of IP packets over the cable plant for data, voice, and video services. The cards support:
· 6 MHz National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) channel operation, using standard (STD), Harmonic Related Carrier (HRC), or
Incremental Related Carrier (IRC) frequency plans conforming to EIA-S542, Annex B. The card supports downstream channels in the
88 to 860 MHz range, and upstream channels in the 5 to 42 MHz range.
· 8 MHz Phase Alternating Line (PAL) and Systemme Electronique Couleur Avec Memoire (SECAM) channel plans conforming to the
International Telecommunications Union (ITU) J.83 Annex A standard. The card supports a greater upstream spectrum range of 5 to 65
MHz and an increased downstream channel width of 8 MHz.
· 6 MHz J-DOCSIS channel operation (extensions for Japan and select regions): 6 MHz Annex B extension


The Cisco uBR7200 Series MC28U, MC28X, MC16U, and MC16X line cards address the expanding service and operational needs of multiple
system operators (MSOs). An unmatched set of advanced features and a scalable architecture make these line cards an ideal choice for cable
operators facing the challenge of delivering carrier-class IP-based data, voice, and video services to a growing number of subscribers. The line
cards provide unparalleled flexibility and improved robustness to the Cisco uBR7246VXR, further enhancing this communications-grade cable
modem termination system (CMTS). The DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS 2.0-qualified and PacketCable 1.1-qualified technology help cable
operators accelerate deployment of advanced IP services. By upgrading existing Cisco uBR7246VXR CMTSs with new Cisco BPEs, cable
operators can improve overall bandwidth availability and increase their signal quality and reliability. This evolutionary upgrade to existing
Cisco CMTSs adds processing power and hardware-accelerated quality of service (QoS) capabilities without requiring a chassis upgrade, and
therefore delivers exceptional investment protection. Figure 1 depicts the Cisco uBR7200 Series MC28U BPE.

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