DZS – 2101P – zNID 2101P Industrial GPON ONT

  • Unique form-factor, able to be installed inside a 4″x4″ outlet box.
  • Standard ITU G.984 GPON
  • Temperature-hardened for Industrial environments
  • Plenum Rated
  • 36 – 60V DC Input Voltage Range
  • One GE Port with PoE of 30W @ 54VDC
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Zhone’s 2101P one-port Industrial GPON ONT is ideally suited for Optical LAN deployments in facilities that require a large number of geographically dispersed PoE-capable Ethernet ports. Typical sites include commercial buildings, sports stadiums, schools, universities, hospitals, airports, shopping malls and more.

The types of devices that may be connected to the 2101P ONTs include Wi-Fi Access Points, video surveillance cameras, badge access readers, door controller switches, IP TVs, VoIP phones, IP wall clocks, building control systems, kiosks, PoS devices, Vending Machines, PCs, Printers, and many others.

The 2101P’s unique design allows it to be installed in plenum spaces or in an enclosure as small as the standard 4″x4″ electrical outlet box, dramatically simplifying the network design and installation. During the building design phase, the network planner simply identifies every location where an Ethernet port is required, and where the OLT will be located. The architect then places a electrical box in every location and routes conduit from each box to the OLT location. The construction crew builds out the conduit runs and installs the boxes and ONTs as if they were individual electrical circuits — however, rather than pulling solid-core AC wiring through the conduit to every box, hybrid copper/fiber cable is installed instead. The ONTs installed in weatherproof enclosures further extend the applications.

Optional accessories for the 2101P include the Extended Ethernet Kit that extends the Ethernet port from 2101P to the outside of the outlet box; and the Extended Temperature Kit (external heat sink) required when the 2101P installed inside an non-metal enclosure or in a metal enclosure with PoE load exceeding 15W.

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