DZS – 2800P – zNID 2800P Series FiberJACK® Active Ethernet ONT

  • Low profile “wall-plate” style
  • No exposed fiber or power
  • Secure attachment
  • AC or DC powering
  • 1 Gbps ethernet fiber uplink
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The Zhone 2800 Series FiberJACK® Active Ethernet ONTs provide the ultimate efficient installation experience for Enterprise and Hospitality deployments requiring secure, zero-footprint wideband access. The FiberJACK wall-plate style ONTs offer full RG functionality in a low-profile package that keeps power and fiber connections safely hidden within the wall, preventing loss of service due to accidental disconnection, tampering or theft. Rental Housing (Apartments, Condos) and Campus (Dorms, Temporary Housing) deployments will similarly benefit from this robust and low maintenance ONT.

All Zhone 2800 Series FiberJACK Active Ethernet ONTs mount in a standard single-gang wallbox and are available in two powering versions. AC models are wired directly to the 120/240 VAC supply while DC models may be powered via a dedicated CAT5 link from the wiring/powering closet. DC models may also be powered over a 2-wire feed from an in-house 48V distribution system that may also provide battery backup. DC/DC conversion in the ONT ensures that the PoE voltages are presented within spec even when longer 2-wire power feed runs incur significant voltage drops.

The Zhone 2800 Series FiberJACK Active Ethernet ONTs provide customers with 4 10/100/1000BaseT LAN ports, all with PoE capability, allowing for convenient connections to IP phones, switches, and PCs. Configurable per-port PoE limits help direct PoE power where it is needed. High-speed internet access and IPTV services are also easily provisioned through flexible management features via the ONT’s built-in WebUI or USP (Unified Service Provisioning).

Hospitality installations will appreciate the guest-friendly LED indicator modes (Day, Night, Off) on the Zhone 2800 Series FiberJACK Active Ethernet ONTs. Extensive diagnostics in the ONT (run locally on the ONT or remotely from the NOC) reduce service call disruptions. A silent alarm is triggered upon removal of the ONT faceplate.

With LLDP-MED support for voice VLAN advertisement and Zhone’s Dynamic VLAN Mapping capability for handling complex sets of packet classification rules, operators can expertly manage traffic on each ONT LAN port to provide optimum customer experiences.

Flexible management means the Zhone 2800 Series FiberJACK Active Ethernet ONTs may be provisioned using the same intuitive Web interface and CLI as the Zhone 2400, 2600 and 4200 Series ONTs, as well as through USP (Unified Service Provisioning), the Zhone Network Management System (ZMS), or using a TR-069 compliant ACS. Software upgrades and configuration backups can be handled automatically by the ZMS using the CPE Manager feature.

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