DZS – MALC – Copper and Fiber Access + Transport Platform

  • Universal Access for Triple Play
  • IP Video / RF Video Overlay
  • VOIP: SIP / MGCP / H.248
  • TDM/ATM to Packet Migration
  • POTS to Pure Packet
  • ADSL2+ / EFM / PWE
  • Narrowband, Specials, T1 / E1
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The Dasan/Zhone Solutions MALC 319, 719 and 723 Copper and Fiber Access + Transport Platform
delivers optimized voice, video and data. It is a full-featured multi-service access platform optimized for delivering voice, data, and video services over a pure packet access network. MALC give carriers the flexibility to cost-effectively deliver triple play services over existing facilities and to migrate these services to a pure packet network. This migration is accomplished without disrupting subscriber service or revenue streams, giving carriers the ultimate flexibility for optimizing their networks and serving their subscribers.

Deployed in the Central Office, Remote Terminal, outdoor cabinets or basements, MALC offers a range of chassis options supporting densities from 24 to 960 ports per shelf. With provisioning and management common to all chassis, MALC minimize training, stocking, and operating expenses.

MALC enable service providers to deploy a wide variety of business and residential services in a single platform. MALC offers ADSL2+, ReachDSL, SHDSL, POTS, ISDN, T1/E1, and Pseudo-wire (PWE).

Enabling Residential & Business Services
The MSAP product line enables service providers the ability to offer high-end residential and business services on the same platform. Broadband, VOIP, IPTV, POTS, Ethernet and High Cap services can be offered over copper and/or fiber.

Service providers can leverage Zhone’s flexible architecture to deploy different technologies such as POTS, xDSL, xPON, and EFM on its MSAPs in their Central offices or Remote Terminals. A range of form factors for all deployment sizes are offered.

The MALC chassis with its fault tolerant control software and redundant uplink hardware design increases the resiliency and the scalability of the product. It also offers Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) over Gigabit Ethernet to increase the reliability of the network.

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MALC 319, MALC 719, MALC 723

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