DZS- MXK-F1421 – Modular High Capacity OLT

  • Highly-scalable aggregation solution for ultra high-capacity fiber access services
  • Superior intelligence and security with proven SLMS access operating system software
  • Intuitive, comprehensive management, with CLI, Unified Services Provisioning, and ZMS
  • Flawless delivery of multi-play services over any FTTx architecture
  • Industrial temperature hardened


The DZS MXK-F1421 is designed to be fully-compliant to meet the ETSI EN 300 standard for indoor cabinets and contains 14-access multi-service subscriber slots, and 2-network facing slots. MXK-F1421 can be mounted directly into a 21″ wide rack. The chassis is equipped with a cable management tray, easy fan access, and rear-powered redundant power feeds.

14U Chassis

  • MXK -F1421 – 21″ Model: 16 Access Cards

High Capacity Switching

  • 2 x Terabit switching fabrics
  • 2 x 100G channels to Line Cards

Service Support

  • GPON (2.5G Downstream / 1.25 G Upstream)
  • XGPON1 (10G Downstream/ 2.5G Upstream)
  • XGSPON (10G Downstream/ 10G Upstream)
  • NGPON2 (10G Downstream / 2.5G Upstream, 10G Downstream/ 10G Upstream)
  • Active Ethernet (1GbE , 10GbE, 40GbE)

Management Controller

  • Management Database
  • Management Functions
  • CLI

Network Timing

  • IEEE 1588, BITs, SyncE

Power specifications:

  • DC: -43.75V to -62V
  • Dual (A/B redundant) power feeds

The MXK-F™ chassis architecture is designed around a dual star design with redundant ultra high-speed links to each subscriber line card slot for future-proof support of today’s and tomorrow’s bandwidth-hungry fiber-based subscriber services. Also MXK-F™ management control and aggregation switch fabric functions reside on two separate cards, each of which can be equipped in a redundant configuration; MCs (Management Cards) and FC (Fabric Cards). Lastly, a fully-distributed database and parallel firmware loading enable simple fast upgrades.

With a solid, wide foundation to build upon, MXK-F™ is well-suited as high-density fiber-based service platform to cost-effectively deliver ITU-T G.984 GPON, IEEE 802.3-2008 1 and 10Gb/s Active Ethernet, ITU-T G.987 XGPON1, ITU-T G.989 NGPON2, and other advanced fiber-based services for residential triple play and high-bandwidth business services over any FTTx architecture.

Also see the DZS MXK-F1419 – Same product specs but is the 19″ model and holds 14 Access Cards.

Also see the DZS MXK-F219. With its MXK-F14xx lineage, it has exactly the same high-capacity backplane and high-speed virtues found in its larger siblings – except on a 2U 19″ form factor.

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