Drake – HCP2550A – Channel Processor – Discontinued

This product has unfortunately been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • The synthesized input tuning permits reception of Off-Air TV channels 2 through 69, standard CATV channels 2 through 125, and IRC, HRC channels 1 through 125.
  • The use of SAW filtering permits reliable adjacent channel operation of multiple Channel Processor and modulator units.
  • The synthesized RF output can be set for any CATV channel 2 through 78 and 95 through 99
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The R.L. Drake HCP2550A is a high quality, frequency agile channel processor capable of converting any VHF, UHF, or CATV input signal to any standard output channel between 54 and 550 MHz. Input and output frequency are easily set with front panel pushwheel switches. Selectable preamp and AFC provide stable reception of weak or out-of-tolerance signals. A/V ratio and output level controls are also provided along with IF loop-thru connections to offer exceptional flexibility.

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