Drake – MEQ1000 – Multiplexing Edge QAM Modulator


  • The MEQ1000 has two input module slots and the outputs interface to the MEQ1000 multiplexer, internally, where they are MPEG program filtered, multiplexed, and groomed.
  • Some common applications include: drop/add, cherry picking programs from ASI or IP MPTS inputs, digital channel processing, or local origination additions.
  • Output level can be selected at a value between + 45 and + 61 dBmV
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The R.L. Drake model MEQ1000 is a commercial grade multiplexing EDGE QAM modulator. This unit is ideal for installations where only one QAM output is required from each Edge QAM chassis. The MEQ1000 features plug in input modules that include an ATSC/QAM input tuner, an ASI input , an IP input, and analog NTSC inputs.

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