Drake – VM1550 – Commericial Video Modulator – Discontinued

This product has unfortunately been discontinued. Please refer to the PCM55SAW as a substitute.
  • Designed to accept video and audio baseband signals from a satellite receiver, TV camera, video tape recorder, TV modulator or similar equipment.
  • IF loop-thru capability in the VM1550 supplies a padded IF output prior to channel conversion.
  • All level controls and modulation indicators are located on the front panel for ease of operation.
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The R.L Drake VM1550 Video Modulator is a high quality vestigial sideband heterodyne audio/video modulator that provides a modulated visual and aural RF carrier output on VHF channels, 2-13; Midband, A-I; Superband, J-W; or Hyperband, AA-HH.

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