Condux – 08773001 – The Blue Ox™ Cable Puller

  • 7″ COLOR DISPLAY gives all of the information you need during the pull
  • WIRELESS REMOTE with a 50′ range provides flexibility for the installer
  • Control Box: Real-Time Tension Monitoring, Downloadable Pull Data, Wireless/Bluetooth Remote Control
  • The combination of the outrigger and the boom arm allows for easy pulling 75° from the right or left of center
  • OIL COOLED Hydraulic puller units with oil cooler provide a smooth operation throughout the pull


The Blue Ox™ Cable Puller Combining years of experience, field research, and end-user feedback, The Condux Blue Ox™ Cable Puller has been designed to excel in the most demanding utility applications. Featuring 8,500 lbs of continuous pull force, a heavy-duty steel frame, and hydraulically controlled boom and outriggers, The Blue Ox does not require the arm to be supported during pulling operations. The extendable – up to 90″ – steel boom arm boasts 150° of lateral adjustment, providing easy access in even the most confined areas.


Part Number Description
Part#: 08773001 – The Blue Ox Cable Puller without Compressor
Part#: 08775500 – The Blue Ox Cable Puller with Compressor



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