Eagle Comtronics – ECS – Cable Simulator

  • Tilt values available: -3dB, -6dB, -9dB, -12dB, -15dB, -18dB
  • Upper frequency: 870 MHz, 1000 MHz
  • Insertion loss @ 55 MHz: -0.5 dB max
  • Tilt variation: ± 0.8 dB
  • Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Temperature range: -40o to +140o F


A cable simulator will compensate for differential frequency losses across a length of cable by attenuating signal levels of higher frequencies until they equal signal levels of lower frequencies.

The cable simulator is used in situations where there are excessive signal levels at the tap port and a short cable drop to the subscriber.

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Tilt Value (dB)

-3, -6, -9, -12, -15, -18

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