Eagle – EDPF Series – Diplex Filter

Insertion Loss: -1.0 dB
Temperature Range: -400 F to +1400 F
Isolation: -50 dB min
Impedance: 75 Ohms, 50 Ohms
Connectors: “F” Type, SMA, N
Rack Mount up to 3 units or Wall Mount Versions Available

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Diplex filters are three port devices with a common port, a lowband port and a highband port. They are used to combine or isolate two different bands of
frequencies. Models are available in a wide variety of crossover frequencies. Eagle’s diplex filters are the sharpest available on the market.

Additional information

Low Pass/High Pass

0-42/54-1000, 0-65/85-1000, 0-85/102-1000, 0-88/108-1000, 0-120/150-1000, 0-204/258-1000, 0-42/54-1218, 0-65/85-1218, 0-85/102-1218, 0-88/108-1218, 0-120/150-1218, 0-204/258-1218

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