Force – 2869 – RS-232/ RS-422 Self-healing Ring Transceiver – Discontinued

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

  • Provides supports for RS-232/RS-422 communications in a self-healing ring topology.
  • Creates a totally redundant, fault-tolerant, self-healing data network.
  • Incorporates anti-streaming circuitry and user-selectable time-outs to prevent a runaway data condition.
  • Supports asynchronous RS-232 or RS-422 data to 100 kBaud.
  • Meets NEMA TS1/TS2 requirements for vibration, sock, temperature, and humidity to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

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The Force Model 2869 is designed to support full-duplex, asynchronous RS-232 or RS-422 type data communications in a multidrop, counter-rotating ring topology over multimode or single-mode optical fiber. Proper implementation of the Model 2869 allows for totally redundant, fault-tolerant, self-healing operations, providing uninterrupted communications between network nodes, even if a fiber break occurs or one or more transceivers in the ring fails. Each transceiver can be configured as a master, a local, or a submaster unit. State-of-the-art electro-optics are deployed for maximum unit reliability. All optical signals are fully regenerated at each transceiver, ensuring transparent, error-free data transmission throughout the network. The unit is available in a 4RU rack-mount configuration in addition to the rugged stand-alone module. These units are ideal for polled security systems, computer LAN, process control, and I.T.S. applications.

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