FOXCOM – AL351 – Fiber Optic Return Path Receiver


  • Modularity: future expansion capability & satellites
  • Flexibility: protocols, global regoins, platform providers
  • Dedicated fibers/ multiplex options
  • Lowest cost per door
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The AverLux™ AL351 Return Path Receiver complements the AL400 Series MicroNode to complete the Return Path Fiber Link back to the headend. Subscriber DOCSIS return path signals are converted back to RF where they can be combined with multiple AL351 outputs for processing by the operators cable modem termination system.

Optical Input Specifications

  • Optical input connector type: SC/APC
  • Min. optical input return loss: 50dBm
  • Optical wavelength range: 1290nm to 1610nm
  • Max. Optical input power: +1 dBm
  • Min. optical input power: -4 dBm
  • Optical indicator

RF Output Specifications

  • RF output connector: F type female
  • RF output impedance: 75 dB
  • RF output return loss [min.]: 13 dB
  • Operating frequency range: 5 – 200 MHz
  • RF output power: +20 dBmV to +30 dBm [nominal]
  • Flatness: ±1.0 dB [across passband]

General Specifications

  • Power connector: DB-9 male
  • Supply voltage: 15 ±0.5 VDC


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