FOXCOM – AL5R-3-55 – Fiber Optic Receiver 5L Band RX w/CWDM Compact

This product has unfortunately been discontinued. Please refer to the AL6R-1.
  • 1 Single-Mode fiber input, SC/APC
  • Internal CWDM separator, 1610-1510nm
  • 5 L-Band Satellite RF outputs, 200-2,500 MHz
  • Minimum Fiber Input: -16 dBm
  • Maximum Fiber Input: -8 dBm
  • -10 to -30 dBm RF output
  • Stand alone housing
  • Low power consumption
  • AGC Circuitry


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5 Output L-Band Fiber Receiver with internal CWDM, single fiber input. The AL5R3 receivers are a cost effective optical to coax converter used to distribute five L-Band (SAT-IF) polarities. The AL5R3 is housed in a compact housing specifically designed for deployments where space is at a premium. The AL5R3s small footprint, low power consumption and high output power can serve multiple homes from a single receiver, making it an ideal solution for both small and medium deployments. The AL5R3 is a “plug and play” product without the need for any manual adjustments making installations quick and easy.

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