Foxcom – IRIDKIT02 – Foxcom Iridium Optical Link Kit

  • Complete solution for using Iridium devices without sky view
  • The only Iridium-based communication solution that extends to 3km
  • Simple installation
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Foxcom’s optical system is the ideal solution for mobile satellite connectivity in ships, oil rigs, military bunkers and other underground facilities.

Foxcom’s fully integrated Iridium optical solution provides a cost effective alternative to coax cable deployments. Harnessing the superior performance of fiber optics, Foxcom’s Iridium kit provides a coax free solution for in-building Iridium satellite coverage.

The kit consists of Foxcom’s Sat-Light 4005 series outdoor unit (ODU), a 7190M series chassis with dual power supplies (PS), dual outdoor Iridium antennas.

Iridium users can now enjoy the many benefits that optical fiber has to offer, such as improved signal quality, lightning protection, safety and ease of installation.

Perfect for use in:

  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Power Plant Facilities
  • Dam and Reservoir Control Centers
  • Underground Facilities
  • Military Bunkers
  • Submarines
  • Maritime
  • Oil Rigs

Foxcom’s Iridium Hangar Repeater provides a unique Iridium optical repeater solution for coverage extension inside aircraft hangars.

See also the Foxcom – IRIDKIT01 – Foxcom Pro Iridium Optical Repeater Link Kit

This product is only available to qualified parties, which include the following: International Customers (outside the U.S.), agencies of the US Federal Government, parties operating under the direction of the US Federal Government, parties that have received an STA or Experimental License under part 5 of the FCC rules.

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