Foxcom – MLNK2-3-52-2W-6DB – Radio Fiber Optic Extension System

  • Ultra-low RF loss and lightweight
  • Protection against lightning damage EMI & RFI
  • Supports all frequency hopping schemes
  • Dust-Proof Mechanism
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Foxcom’s military radio fiber extension system is the ideal solution for remote antenna placement.

Foxcom’s optical solution provides a cost effective alternative to coax cable deployments by harnessing the superior performance of fiber optics. This includes low RF transmission loss, improved signal quality, lightning protection, safety and ease of installation.

The equipment consists of two ruggedized units, one for the Radio-side (RSU) and another for the Antenna-side (ASU). The system supports two simultaneous radio channels, and is equipped with programmable microcontroller giving it universal adaptive hopping frequency support and Dust-Proof mechanism for maintaining constant RF performance levels.


  • Radio safe house and bunkers
  • Balloon communication relay
  • Border surveillance
  • Antenna tower
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